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Consider this:

private static String PROCESS =
“process ExternalCounter {n” +
” receive(my_pl, start_op) (msg_in) {n” +
” resp = 0n” +
” while(resp < 10) {n" +
" partner_pl.partner_start_op(msg_in)n" +
" resp = receive(partner_pl, partner_reply_op)n" +
" }n" +
" reply respn" +
" }n" +

And now consider this:

PROCESS = <<eos
process ExternalCounter {
receive(my_pl, start_op) (msg_in) {
resp = 0
while(resp < 10) {
resp = receive(partner_pl, partner_reply_op)
reply resp

Which one would you rather read? Time for a new feature (multi-line strings) in Java 1.7 that's been around forever in other languages?

This is really, really big. First Nine Inch Nails, then Radiohead, Oasis and Jamiroquai and now Madonna! This is what I’ve been saying for ages: bands don’t make much money on albums unless they’re very big players (Radiohead, Oasis and Madonna are probably in this category though). Only the label does. What really pays for bands are concerts. And it’s a much better way to give value to your production because there’s the unique experience that goes with it.

RIAA, I’ll be dancing on your grave.


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